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Youthful, Glowing, Gorgeous Skin

No toxins. No harsh chemicals. Guaranteed to impress.

Lucím is a clinically-tested, non-toxic

skincare line with patented ingredients that deliver beautiful results without compromising your safety.

Good face Project approved

Dermatologist Tested
Cruelty Free
Made in the USA

the problem

The modern-day beauty industry is covering up three major blemishes that they hope you never find about about...

#1 - Most "clinical" Products Contain Toxic ingredients

Most products on the market today -- even high-end clinical products -- are made with chemicals and fillers that were introduced several decades ago. Since then, scientists have found that many of these chemicals are related to cancer, asthma, birth defects and fertility problems.

#2 - Most "Healthy" Products Don't Actually Work

Boutique or sustainably-sourced products are often built around hype or visual appeal and popularity, rather than actually producing anti-aging results like getting rid of wrinkles and deeply hydrating fatigued skin.  Sure, they're good for the environment, but there's often no real science behind them.

#3 - Skimping on Ingredients

Many products use fillers and only contain a small amount of the main active ingredients.  They'll put in just enough to make a claim on the label, but not enough for you to see a big difference.  

BUT We believe

You shouldn't have to compromise...

We understand the importance of clean products with a simple anti-aging skincare regimen that works.

We formulated Lucim with clinical doses of active ingredients with advanced liposomal technology and without parabens, phthalates, PEGs, petroleum or sulfates. So you know you're getting the very best for your skin!

the science

Lucim uses an advanced "lioposome" delivery system that transports active ingredients directly to the damaged, dehydrated, aging cells that need it the most.  


Targeted delivery in precisely the right areas

Liposomes are spherical vesicles that help skin absorb active ingredients into the deepest layers of the skin. They also increase skin hydration, enhance dermal bioavailability and skin targeting, and protect skin cells from external stressors, such as sun or sweat.

We deliver key nutrients deep into the cells to hydrate and moisturize, smooth fine lines, and bring back a youthful radiance to your skin.

daily routine

A simple morning and evening skincare regimen to nourish and hydrate your skin, repair cells, and reduce visible signs of aging.

get all of this, Plus

Multi-functionality in every product

No more buying multiple different serums for plumping, firming, brightening, etc.  Lucim products are multi-functional, meaning each one serves multiple purposes to cleanse, hydrate, and restore your skin.

go deeper

We combine innovative new technology with ancient skin remedies to create powerful and reliable products.

Driven by Science

Lucim products are formulated with clinical doses of 30 active ingredients with advanced liposmal technology and without parabens, phthalates, PEGs, petroleum or sulfates.

We have 17 patents on our ingredients and formulations to deliver beautiful results for your skin, without compromising on safety. 

Derived From nature

Crafted for all skin types, our products are naturally sourced from over 60 botanicals from around the world with powerful antioxidants and anti-aging benefits.

They’re also non-toxic, gluten free, non-GMO, vegan and never tested on animals, so you can rest assured you’re making a responsible choice. 

Give your skin the absolute best with care that’s uncomplicated yet highly effective. Lucim gives you transformative results from the inside out. 


Totale Face Serum, a 7-in-1 solution that promotes firmness, elasticity, and brighter, youthful, radiant skin. 

Totale Face Serum

Liposomal 7-in-1 Solution

for Shimmering Skin at Every Stage

Clear the clutter off your bathroom vanity and replace your old bottles with the revolutionary 7-in-1 Lucim™ Totale Face Serum that uses advanced Bakuchiol, Matrixyl™ peptides, hyaluronic acid complex, a proprietary multivitamin complex and exclusive liposome encapsulation technology.

  • promoting brighter looking skin and youthful radiance
Why use Serum?
Serum prepares and delivers high concentrations of specific active ingredients to the skin, and our exclusive liposome encapsulation technology delivers these advanced ingredients deep into the cells that need them most. Targeted delivery of Vitamin C helps in precisely the right areas. Liposome encapsulated Swiss glacial water also delivers moisture deep into the lower layers of the skin for intense, lasting 24-hour hydration.
Day and Night

Apply after cleansing and before moisturizing. Revolutionary, Bakuchiol, Matrixyl™ peptides, hyaluronic acid complex and a proprietary multivitamin complex are scientifically proven to address your skincare concerns. This powerful serum includes active ingredients that hold 9 patents expertly crafted to deliver precisely the right effect, no matter your stage in life, with powerful results.

Day Defense Cream

Liposomal Moisturizing Face Cream

Fight the visible effects of environmental aggressors with the lightweight Lucim™ Day Defense Cream that deeply hydrates and protects your skin against sunlight, pollution and signs of dehydration.

  • Dermatologist tested
  • A daily solution for dryness
  • Visibly improving Dark spots
  • Improving Uneven-looking skin tone
  • Improved SKIN Barrier through moisturization
  • Protecting against Blue screen lights and environmental stressors
  • Defense against damaging free radicals

Why use Face Cream?

Day Defense Cream helps keep the moisture and elasticity in your skin, which can help reduce wrinkles, age spots and other fine lines. A blend of botanical antioxidants and a unique mix of Vitamins — B3, C and E — help put a stop to the visible damaging effects of free radicals, pollution and other environmental stressors. The brightening and nourishing effects this cream has on your skin is an added perk!

Targeted Technology

Citystem™ (Marrubium vulgare extract), an award-winning and patented pollution protectant, leaves skin feeling soft and smooth, while visibly diminishing blackheads.

Liposome encapsulated glacial water from the Swiss Alps delivers targeted moisture into deeper layers of the skin. You’ll also find blue-green algae extract (Spirulina maxima) in this advanced formulation — think of it as nourishing skin food!


Night Cream

Take your bedtime routine to another level with plant stem cells that offer a visible tightening and lifting effect, particularly on the cheeks and neck, while smoothing out wrinkles and fine lines. The deeply hydrating, luxuriously rich Lucim™ Renewing Night Cream clarifies and hydrates your skin while you sleep. Simply apply it each night and after a restful eight hours, you’ll awake to a fresh face with visibly smooth skin.

  • Dermatologist tested
  • Plant Stem Cells and Multivitamin complex
  • Hydrating and Moisturizing from the inside out
  • Helping skin's elasticity and firmness through moisture retention
  • Visibly Improving Uneven Skin tone and reducing discoloration
  • Promoting Brighter lookng skin and Youthful Radiance
  • Fighting visible signs of aging

Why use Night Cream?

While you sleep, your skin undergoes a natural restorative process. We specially formulated Renewing Night Cream with antioxidants, multivitamins and blue-green algae extract to protect, restore and nourish while patented Majestem™ Edelweiss stem cells and Gatuline® In-tense Spilanthes acmella flower extract work to visibly smooth and firm the skin.

Day and Night

After cleansing and applying serums, apply a fair amount of cream to your skin in sweeping upward motions to complete your PM routine. This advanced technology delivers targeted hydration deep into your skin, working while you sleep to reveal a beautifully revived and hydrated face each morning.

Purifying Exfoliator

Gently Exfoliate and Purify

Prepare your face for a fresh daily regimen with the purifying Lucim™ Purifying Exfoliator made with Kaolin and bentonite clay, plus fruit enzymes that work with jojoba beads and lactic acid to gently exfoliate and remove dead skin cells.

  • Dermatologist tested
  • Detoxification
  • Removing Impurities and sweeping away dead skin cells
  • Improving the look of Pores
  • Taming problematic skin
  • Visibly reducing Blackheads and Blemishes

The Difference is Clear

Enzymes flourish in a specific environment and require the right pH levels in order to work optimally as exfoliants. This is what makes our formulation unique — we’ve created the perfect mix of enzymes and exfoliants that’ll leave your skin feeling silky smooth.

Go Through the Motions

Kaolin and bentonite synergistically work together to draw out excess oils, sebum and toxins from the skin, while clearing and visibly tightens skin pores. Jojoba beads provide a gentle physical exfoliation that is nonabrasive to the skin, due to its intentional round shape and smoothness.

Next, lactic acid, a mild, non-irritating alpha hydroxy acid works at the skin’s surface as a chemical exfoliant to polish and remove dead skin cells. And finally, papaya and pineapple enzymes synergistically work to remove dead skin cells.


by Lucim+™

Skincerity® by Lucim+™ transforms the appearance of your skin with a rejuvenating boost of moisture and a technologically advanced masque unlike anything else on the market. Sleep easy knowing it’s working hard under the surface.

  • Dermatologist tested
  • Breathable Barrier for hydrating and moisturizing
  • Visibly Smoothes fine lines
  • Improving the look of Pores
  • Fighting visible Signs of Aging

A Breathable Barrier

Skincerity® uses Breathable Barrier® technology that’s clinically proven to improve the visible health of your skin. By sealing in your own natural moisture, this revolutionary formula helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and enlarged pores on the face, hands, neck and chest, while delivering a continual source of nutrients to combat environmental damage.

Roll on a thin but uniform layer nightly before bed. Remove in the morning with warm water for refreshed skin and lasting results.

Backed by Science

Engineered by biomedical experts and validated by numerous dermatologic research studies supported by the National Institutes of Health, Skincerity has been shown to be substantially more effective than over-thecounter products in delivering higher nutrient content into the skin.

Facial Gel Cleanser

Deeply Cleanse and Nourish

Lucim™ Facial Gel Cleanser is formulated with hyaluronic acid for intense hydration and is ideally pH balanced to gently deep clean pores without stripping away your skin’s protective moisture barrier. Clear away the grime from your day with this luscious foaming cleanser works without leaving your skin feeling stripped or dry.

  • Dermatologist tested
  • Botanical ingredients with Hyaluronic Acid
  • Deeply Cleanses
  • pH Balanced to protect skin
  • Leaves skin feeling refreshed and renewed

Why pH-Balanced Cleansers?

Did you know that the pH of most facial cleansers are too high for your skin? As a result, they strip your skin’s natural protective barrier– often causing severe dryness and irritation.

Lock in Moisture

Deeply cleanse and nourish with this luscious, gentle foaming experience. A blend of botanical antioxidants and blue-green algae extracts nourishes the skin while hyaluronic acid locks in moisture and smooths texture, leaving behind immaculately clean, soft and hydrated skin.

but you will need to hurry

Limited Quantities Available

We're committed to developing the highest quality and most effective skincare products on the market today, and we produce many of our products in small batches to ensure quality control.  

As such, some of our products may be temporarily out of stock. Click the button below for updated product availability. While supplies last.

before & after

Take a look at the transformations our clients are experiencing, even after the first week.

they said

Check out what our clients are saying about the Lucim products after trying them for the first time
Natalia S.

Beverly Hills, CA

Finally, a non-toxic skincare line that actually works

"I used to spend money on high end products until I found out they were loaded with toxins, and I didn't want to put that on my skin. So I tried a ton of organic and all-natural products, but nothing worked, I never saw results. With Lucim, I'm noticing a huge difference even after 1 week."



Lines diminished, skin smoother all over

"As soon as I tried these products I was hooked! My skin has never felt or looked better. My forehead lines and laugh lines are diminished and filling in, pores are smaller, redness reduced, and skin is softer and smoother all over."

Bridget B.

Tampa, FL

No makeup, no problem

For years, I've refused to take a photo without a filter, and wouldn't go anywhere without putting on foundation. Now my skin is hydrated, clear, I have a more even skin tone, and I finally feel confident going out in public with no makeup. 📷

Our Simple Guarantee.
If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with your products, you may return them within 30 days from the order date for a full refund.

you asked

Frequently asked questions, from new users of the Lucim product line
What's in your products?

We have a number of award-winning and scientifically-proven ingredients (with 19 patents) to smooth and firm the skin while reducing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. Ingredients as Bakuchiol, Marrubium vulgare extract, Spilanthes acmella flower extract, Kakadu plum extract, Liposome encapsulated Swiss glacial water, Hyaluronic acid, Edelweiss stem cells, Matrixyl™ peptides and more. For a complete list, download our Product Information Sheet.


This serum was uniquely developed to adapt to any skincare concern you may have, whether you’re 25 or 95! It works amazingly for all skin types, and is particularly impactful for fatigued, mature skin.  Lucim products are non-comedogenic, meaning they will not clog your pores.


Yes! In fact, we designed Totale Face Serum to provide the best results when used along with other Lucim products for a complete skincare regimen. 

Clinical studies show significant results occur following at least four weeks of use. However, because everyone’s skin is different, the speed of change could vary. 
We recommend using Totale Face Serum twice each day, as part of your day and night skincare regimen, for transformative results.  Day Defense Cream in the morning, for protection against environmental elements.  And Renewing Night Cream in the evening to rejuvenate your skin while you sleep.  With regular use, the products will last up to one month.

The natural qualities of the powerful antioxidants and botanical extracts found in this product may produce varying shades of color between products. Shades ranging from cream to dark beige are normal for this product and a sign of its natural, botanical goodness. Despite the color shifts, the product remains potent, effective and safe.


We recommend storing in a cool, dry place below 25°C (77°F) and out of direct sunlight. TIP: In hot or humid climates, this product can be stored in the refrigerator at 5°C (41°F).

No. All Lucim products are Leaping Bunny certified cruelty-free by Consumer Information on Cosmetics (CCIC). 
Limited INventory Available

Due to high demand, some products may be temporarily out of stock.  Click the button below for updated product availability. While supplies last.